Behind the Scenes at SAPT

Hi there, everyone. Man, it has been a LONG time since I last wrote a post for our blog. In fact, I think it’s been several years since I last posted regularly. Some of you reading this will have no idea who I am or what I’m doing intruding on the great content of Others of you will be wondering where-in-the-hell I’ve been hiding. Either of those are great concerns and I’m here to (re)introduce myself and, most importantly, let you all know what’s been going on behind the scenes at SAPT for the last couple of years and some of the new initiatives we’re embarking upon to ensure our vision is reached. Buckle-up, this may get bumpy (or […]

Spring Session Sale!

To celebrate all the amazing things that have been going on around SAPT recently, we’re offering our – up to this point – quasi-annual spring sale. Although, I think this may become an official annual event from here on out! We’ll keep this offer running through close of business (1pm) Saturday, April 4th. Here are all the important details: What? It’s our Spring Session SALE! Enjoy 20% off all training packages. When? From right now (!!!) through April 4th at 1pm. Who? This is perfect for, well, any human being. We specialize in human performance, after all. This is a great offer to stock up on packages for the rest of the year or to dip your toe in the […]

SAPT Contests through 4/12/15!

We’ve got some pretty cool contests planned all year long. To kick things off, here are the first two:   Subscribe to our Strength Feed