Welcome to the new SAPTstrength.com

If you’ve been a long-time reader of the SAPT blog or a SAPT client, please take a few moments to browse around the new site! There are still some bugs to work out and content to put in place, but all-in-all we hope you find the new site more informative and easier to use to get – and stay – in touch with all of us at SAPT!

Updates: Rugby, Tysons, New Coach, Vegas

This post is really off the topic I’m supposed to be covering today, but I’ve got too many important (and awesome) updates! 1. On Saturday I went out to watch the Washington Rugby Football Club at a pre-season warm-up tournament. It was an amazing day and the WRFC did quite well during the matches I saw. SAPT will be working with the club in the coming months to refine as much of their strength and conditioning related needs as possible. There’s no question, these guys train! The majority of the guys are what I’d describe as “BIG DUDES” but – as is a common misconception – just because you’re a big dude, doesn’t mean you can’t learn better techniques, best […]

5 Tips for the Vertical Jump

As mentioned a bunch of times by now, our theme for this month on the blog is Training for Overhead Athletes. The holy grail of performance indicators for volleyball players is, without doubt, the VERTICAL JUMP and with good reason, the sport is won or lost in the air, so an athlete will clearly have the advantage the longer they can stay in the air to execute their portion of the play. Stevo did a great job talking about the pros and cons of the vertical jump as a test itself back in January 2012. You should check it out. Now, if you read that post, you will clearly understand the limits of the test, but you may still be […]