5 Not-So-Common Tips on Finding and Cultivating a Mentorship

  When pursuing excellence in a particular discipline – athletics, business, academics, music, “life” in general, you name it – finding and procuring a mentor to guide and sharpen you is not a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have. I’m not going to delve into the why of the matter, however, as I believe you already know the why. Besides, if the one and only Gandalf had mentors during his time on Middle-earth, then you and I both need them during our time on Regular-earth. The equation is simple. Now, while the why may be simple, the how is a different matter entirely. Many individuals recognize the supreme value of mentorship, but often feel stymied in their attempts to actually make it […]

Spurs Seven Virtues

Today we have a fantastic guest post brought to you by mental coach, Brian Levenson. Brian is a phenomenal coach who has helped/is currently helping countless different people from all walks of life to improve their mental game. He primarily works with athletes ranging from the youth to the professional level, but he also mentors business owners and even Jedi Masters, too. I think you’ll really enjoy his post for today.   Spurs Seven Virtues It’s been a week since the San Antonio Spurs were crowned champions of the NBA.  Since then, they have been celebrated as one of the best, most selfless teams in history.  Personally, I have never cheered for a team whom I had no allegiance/ties to, […]

Powerful Hips for Power Hitters

Today we’re going to touch on a topic that certainly doesn’t warrant a prolix explanation, yet needs to be addressed regardless, as from time to time as I run into folks in the baseball/softball circles – be they coaches, parents, or players – who have been misguided in this area. How does one improve the power of their swing, in order to make the ball fly farther and faster? Just to clear the air, there are two primary components that must be capitalized upon: technique, and strength+power. One can possess all the strength in the world, so much so that it makes Bane look like a utter weakling, but if they lack technique – timing of the swing, proper sequencing […]