Powerlifting Training for Sports

You must clearly understand the difference between basic training and special physical preparation. [SPP] is different for everybody; one beats up on a tire with a sledgehammer, another does figure eights with a kettlebell, and someone incline presses. Basic training is roughly the same in all sports and aims to increase general strength and muscle mass. Powerlifting was born as a competition in exercises everybody does. — Nikolay Vitkevich Don’t you want to know more? I wrote a guest post over at Concentric Brain you can read it HERE.

Volleyball Performance Training: The Other Skillz

Following the loose theme we’ve had this month of volleyball training (but really, let’s be honest, all of this can apply to most sports), I thought it would be beneficial to highlight a few other athletic skills/movements that are woefully under-trained in volleyball players. It’s all about the vertical! But not really. It drives me nutso that coaches and parents and the players focus singularly on improving the vertical jump. Yes, it’s important, but how does one get to the net to jump? How does one move fast enough to get behind the ball to pass it well? I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of volleyball players and I’ve seen terrible movement quality all the other planes of motion. Great […]

Teaching and Improving the Vertical Jump- Strength and Power

Last week’s post was all about the technique side of improving the vertical jump. Today will entail multiple videos (for those of you who don’t want to read on a Monday morning) of different drills and exercises that help improve strength and power for purpose of gettin’ dem ups. The following are SAPT’s go-to exercises for all of our volleyball and basketball players for improving their vertical. We have two goals: 1. Increase force output- that is, the amount of force applied to the ground. The greater the force, the greater the jump height (it’s physics). 2. Increase rate of force development- as we’ve discussed before, how fast can an athlete apply force to the ground. The faster she can […]