Strength Training For Referees: The Other Side of Athletics

Lift. Heavy. Things. That’s a shocker, right? But seriously, strength training regularly is exactly what refs and umpires need to stay in tip-top shape and last through the last second of the game. Weak referees tire, fall behind, and are not a metaphoric coursing river. The physical demands of referees, at least the ones who run around with the athletes, do not deviate much from what is required of the athletes themselves. And those judges/refs who don’t run around, you should still lift heavy things as a general rule for conquering life. The basis of all movements (including standing during a whole match) is strength. Does your back get achey towards the end of the match? Prevention lies in the iron: Granted, […]

Conditioning Strategies for Field Refs (Including Basketball and Hockey Refs)

If you’re a referee for any of the field sports (football, soccer, rugby, field hockey, lacrosse, basketball, and ice hockey.. etc) you’re well aware that there is a fair amount of jogging, sprinting, backpedalling, and dodging players throughout the course of a game/match. Here’s some fun facts for you: 1. Elite level soccer refs, head and assistants, run on the average roughly 10km and 7km, respectively per match. Not only that, but of that total distance, roughly 2km and 1km (respectively) is sprinting. That’s a lot of sprinting! 2. In that same study of soccer refs, researchers found that main refs work at about 85% of max heart rate and assistants work in the 77% range. Again, that’s a pretty […]

Refs, Umpires, and Judges, Oh My! Performance Training is Not Just for Athletes

If you could discern from the somewhat cryptic title, this month’s theme will be athletic performance training for referees, umpires, and judges of sporting events. These brave men and women, dashing and dodging players, balls, and sticks, also require performance training that is equal to that of the players that watch. For example, did you know that a study of English Premier League soccer (football, really for everyone else in the world besides Americans) refs ran an average of 9.5 km (that’s 5.9 miles) in one game?! Not to mention the facts that refs are typically 10-15 years older than the players and they’re running that distance while looking sideways. And let’s not forget the hazards of being a ref: And […]