Overtraining Part 1: Symptoms

This month’s theme is in-season training since the spring sports are starting up.  All the  practices, games, and tournaments start to add up to over time, not to mention any weight room sessions the coachs’ require of their athletes. Lack of proper awareness and management of physical stressors can lead, very quickly in some cases, to overtraining… which leads to poor performance, lost games, increase risk of injury, and a rather unpleasant season. The subject of overtraining is a vast one and we won’t be able to cover all the aspects that contribute, but by the end of this two part series, you should have a decent grasp on what overtraining is and how to avoid it. Today’s post will be […]

Exercise & Your Body’s Circadian Rhythm

Anyone who travels across time zones regularly knows quite well about the challenges of trying to quickly get your body on-board with it’s new schedule. With the constant quest being to find the perfect combination of rest, food, relaxation, etc. to ease the transition quickly. So, is there an answer? A recent study from the University of Kentucky examines the role of “zeitgebers” – or time cues – in helping to reset the body’s internal clock. As it turns out the body has several tried and true time cues. The most common, strongest, and well-known is the role of night vs. day (or dark vs. light). Meals are also an important and well-known cue to help set the body’s circadian […]

When You Can’t Sleep

So, you’re not sleeping? Ahh – neither am I. Here’s a list of things to keep your busy mind occupied and focused on something positive instead of dwelling on the issues that are probably keeping you up in the first place: Eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Why not? Who cares that it’s 2AM? They’re delicious and will probably make you feel a little bit better about being awake. Take the bull by the horns: address whatever is keeping you from falling back to sleep. Returning emails, addressing little projects, addressing little parts of big projects, etc. Can’t hurt, right? Listen to music. Turn on SportsCenter. It’s sports, it’s on 24-hours a day, it’s usually pretty positive and inspiring. […]