Who is SAPT?

SAPT is a locally owned and operated results driven fitness company that specializes in sport-specific performance training, injury prevention strategies, post-rehabilitative strategies and techniques, general wellness and dietary assistance for all ages and ability levels. Led by certified strength and conditioning coaches with experience competing and coaching in the collegiate arena, our clientele can be assured that they’ll receive a training service that exceeds all others in the area.

Who is SAPT for?

SAPT is right for anyone!  With clients ranging from 8 to 68 years of age, and all ages and walks of life in between, we’ve got the precise prescription for you and your goals.

What’s the SAPT difference?

The difference between SAPT and other “performance” facilities can be found in nearly everything we do!

1. We program with the “big picture” in mind as we strive to elicit immediate results while setting-up for future successes as well.  Our series of proven, scientifically backed training protocols, and exercise progressions, ensure safe and frequent successes.

2. Every client receives individualized programming, written and implemented by former and current collegiate strength coaches, that is designed specifically to your and/or your child’s unique needs, sport, goals, biological and training age and current ability level.  Our individualized program sheets are also used to track and identify progress as you and/or your student-athlete develops within our program.

3. Training occurs at one of our state of the art facilities, in a semi-private, community-oriented environment.

4. Hands-on coaching, and constant feedback from our full-time staff of professional certified coaches…not seasonal help…to ensure proper technique is being executed.

5. Maximum coach to client ratio of 6:1

6. Scheduling flexibility through the usage of our convenient 24/7 online self-service scheduling system, and dedicated Client Service Representative to set-up you and/or your child’s weekly training regimen.

7. The capability to deliver safe, hands-on training onsite, but also virtually, through our offsite-distance training system.  We’ve developed an extensive online database of exercises, a system of exchanging training footage and coaching feedback to ensure proper execution from afar, and individualized programming in hopes to help more time-crunched, hardworking NOVA adults.

What’s the cost?

We offer a variety of training package options, and subsequently pricing options, to satisfy the needs of our prospective clients.  To find out more, please just give us a call at 703-865-8010 or drop us a note! We're happy to make recommendations, and provide pricing for you and/or your child’s specific situation.  We'll be back in touch promptly with the information you've requested.

What’s an appropriate length of training to notice optimal results?

Please understand that physical adaptation doesn’t happen overnight (wouldn't that be fantastic?!?); rather it is achieved through consistent work over a comfortable window of preparation time.  We recommend a minimum 12-week commitment, and minimum training frequency of 2x/week due to the optimal results that have been proven with this structure.  But, depending on the circumstances, we can arrange to make most situations work. The greater the time frame, the better the results, and with discounts starting with 24-week commitments, it may behoove you to invest in SAPT for the long-term…wahoo, discounts!

How does enrollment work?

Enrollment is always ongoing. Sign-up at any time!

That’s great, but how does SAPT handle reschedules and make-up sessions?

We understand that scheduling conflicts will arise.  When they do, our clientele easily reschedule via our 24 hour/day-365 days/year online self-service scheduling system.  Upon enrollment, you’ll receive an email invitation to utilize this system, and brief instructions…no worries, it’s very user-friendly.

What about frequency?

We’ll never try to sell you on a silver bullet: “3-weeks to a Chiseled Abs Program,” or “4-weeks to a 9” Vertical Jump Improvement Program.”  They simply don’t work, and we’re not about taking your money!  If we don’t think there’s a large enough window to adaptation with consideration to your goals, we’ll let you know and suggest a modification.  After all, your results reflect on our services and us!

When you want the best, choose SAPT’s proven excellence. 

To find how we can help you reach your performance and fitness goals, contact us today! - Strength & Performance Training (SAPT), Inc.