SAPT’s New Facility: Q’s & A’s

Well, we’ve been in the new facility for about 10 days and I’ve already been able to spend more time at my desk than I have in ages. This is a pretty big deal because I’ll have the baby with me – something that was simply not possible at the other space. That space was always either too hot or too cold for small children (and most other humans, ha)… and on the few days of the year when the temperature happened to be ideal, then I’d have the dirt floating in from outside to worry about. I suppose because of the speed with which we made the move, we’ve had some questions and curiosities come up from a few […]

BIG News: SAPT is Moving!…

…Just down the road! This is another HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY effort I”ve made to say “thank you” to our loyal clientele and Team Fantastico (aka, the SAPT coaches). While we”re only going about 1-mile from our current location, we”ll be taking a huge step forward in terms of improving working conditions for the SAPT coaches. Don”t worry, the actual training floor will retain all the aspects that keep us out of the “commercial gym” category… you know the concrete floors, concrete block walls, high ceilings, and big bay door. Where we”ll be getting “soft” (if you can call it that): We will FINALLY have a CLIMATE CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT! The coaches will also have some pretty nice offices (check out the […]