Training in the Pacific

My wife and I just returned from an amazing trip to Guam. In case you’re wondering where exactly Guam is located (I didn’t know where it was initially), it is located somewhere in between Candyland and Heaven. In other words, it’s in the middle of freakin’ paradise. The picture below is a photo I personally took while we were on one of the private beaches; pretty cool huh? The trip was incredible, to say the least, and all fears of experiencing a “warm Christmas” were completely defenestrated. We also got to spend a fair amount time of exploring the Guam backcountry, during which we came across these freakish spiders every ten yards (not kidding). As much as I hate spiders, […]

An Alternative to the Olympic Lifts

First things first, let me put it out there that I LOVE the Olympic lifts (from here on out referred to as the O-lifts). I think they’re a fantastic tool to develop strength, power, and enhance athletic potential. Not to mention, I can’t help but tip my hat to those that have accomplished near-impossible feats of power with them, and there are few things I find more beautiful than a perfectly executed snatch. In fact, while I currently can’t back this up with any scientific research, I’m convinced that Maximus utilized the O-lifts as part of his training arsenal to utterly own anyone who stood in his way in his quest to avenge the death of his family. HOWEVER – […]

To Overhead Press or Not to Overhead Press

I received this question from a friend of mine who is currently in physical therapy school and thought I’d share my response here. Q. Had a question. I know that at [X clinic he worked at] some of the therapists told me that overhead press was bad to do due to some impingement of the supraspinatus. This is also something we’ve learned in school but im not sure if this is specifically for those who just aren’t strong enough or those recovering from injuries and such. Do you do overhead shoulder press w/ dumbells or BB and what is your take on the subject?   A. As usual, this is a question of contraindicated exercises versus contraindicated people. To make […]