I said, FREE TRAINING…and some pre-meet inspiration…

I wasn’t sure if last Thursday peoples fingers were too slippery to type from all the turkey grease, or maybe it was the crippling effects of the tryptophan, but in case you missed it, we are offering some FREE TRAINING; to learn how  you can garner some free SAPT goodness, click HERE!!! Last, the video montage below of Chuck Vogelpohl is aimed at inspiring former SAPT interns John and Shawn, who’ll be competing in their second powerlifting meet this weekend.  This video is also applicable to anyone who needs a swift kick in the backside this Thursday morning. Chuck Norris ain’t got nothin’ on Chuck Vogelpohl, Chris

Six Degrees of a Sterling SAPT-EE & FREE TRAINING!!!

Greetings, Six degrees of…say wuh????  You know the game where, for instance, you’d attempt to connect Will Smith to Kevin Bacon in 6 degrees of separation or less…Will Smith was in “Men in Black” with Tommy Lee Jones (1); Tommy Lee Jones was in “JFK” with Kevin Bacon (2)…I win, I’ve done it in less than three degrees…however, there’s still 18 hours left in our cross country road trip…I spy something…sorry, wrong game…anyways you get the gist, right?  Great, stay with me! Many of you know, and maybe some of you don’t, that we’ve set-up shop out in Sterling.  It’s a shop of humble beginnings, much like SAPT Fairfax was merely 4 years ago… Well, we’re coming-up on about a […]

FREE TRAINING & delicious Cauli Couscous!

In case you hadn’t heard, right now you can experience our distance coaching system for 2-weeks absolutely FREE!!!  That’s right, we’re opening-up the vault so you can try a taste of SAPT goodness for yourself: 2-weeks (6-sessions) of carefully balanced and scientifically backed programming. This program is designed to mobilize, strengthen, and condition a moderately active adult! Step-by-step, in depth coaching cues to ensure you’re performing the movements correctly! Training videos presented in HD and accessible via most mobile devices! To receive your 2-weeks of free programming and access to our online database of exercise videos click HERE. Fill in the relevant fields and indicate “I’d like to try the 2-week free Distance Coaching Trial,” and a SAPT rep will […]