How to Make Your Own Suspension Trainer

(Note: Updates to the construction process can be found on the second half of this post.) Suspension trainers are a fantastic tool to add to your quiver of training options, especially during travel. They’ll never replace the barbell for quality strength training, but they can certainly supplement your routine quite well by providing a myriad options for assistance work. I’ve mentioned before how I love to pack a set in my bag, be it for travel or for outdoor workouts, as they take up roughly the same amount of luggage space as a pair of socks, and open up a number of exercise possibilities. However, the primary issue that most people have with them is they cost an outrageous amount […]

Friday Musings: SAPT Heavy Planks, Matrix-Reloaded Med Ball Throws, Time-Out Apps, and More

1. As Ryan noted in an excellent post recently, we love weighted planks here at SAPT. Once you know to properly plank (here’s a hint: if you’re not shaking from creating total body tension, you’re probably not doing it right), it’s time to make them more challenging. One way to do this is adding external load, holding for :20 or so to improve maximal isometric strength of the trunk region. Here is Carson nailing a 265lb weighted plank in preparation for an upcoming powerlifting meet. I’m not positive, but think I saw his spleen shoot across the room halfway through the set. 2. Kieran has been doing Recoiled MB Overhead Throws as part of his most recent program. However, he […]