The Art Of Pull Ups: After The First Rep

Last week’s post had thoughts on conquering the first pull up. It’s always the hardest, but the subsequent reps are much easier to accumulate. As an avid pull-upper, below are tips I’ve used to increase my max pull up number. 1. Do more pull ups. The best way to get better at pull ups is to do more pull ups. Halt! Before you leap onto a bar, I don’t mean rep out as many as possible until the pull up resembles a raw, wriggling fish. Practice makes permanent, not perfect.  I really like doing reps throughout my training session. It’s a sound way to accomplish a higher volume without sacrificing form because each set only has a few reps. Two […]

Refs, Umpires, and Judges, Oh My! Performance Training is Not Just for Athletes

If you could discern from the somewhat cryptic title, this month’s theme will be athletic performance training for referees, umpires, and judges of sporting events. These brave men and women, dashing and dodging players, balls, and sticks, also require performance training that is equal to that of the players that watch. For example, did you know that a study of English Premier League soccer (football, really for everyone else in the world besides Americans) refs ran an average of 9.5 km (that’s 5.9 miles) in one game?! Not to mention the facts that refs are typically 10-15 years older than the players and they’re running that distance while looking sideways. And let’s not forget the hazards of being a ref: And […]

Post-Holiday Physique Quick Fixes

I apologize. I have no intention of giving you a “quick fix.” Why? Because they don’t exist.  Yup, the media and fitness “experts” have lied to you. There is no such thing as “10 Minutes to Abz” or ,”Cleanse Food of the month” or any other such nonsense as that. Want to know the secret? 1. Consistency- eating well 90% of the time (you can have treats. But remember they’re once-in-a-while occasions. That’s why they’re “treats.”) and exercising regularly (not just in January). 2. Consistency 3. Consistency Notice a trend here? This month we’re going to be dispelling some of the proliferous myths of the fitness world as well as offer solutions to maintaing a healthy lifestyle, and your sanity, that actually […]