A Confidence Booster

I read a great article on EliteFTS the other day which you can find here… A Case for Bullying .  I strongly advise you read it as it really struck a chord with me, although judging by the comments section some readers REALLY missed the point of the article.  Anyways, it inspired my post for this week not really because I was bullied but because of what weight training and powerlifting has done for me and what I feel it can do for younger kids and adults alike. Throughout the entire time I was in school I always had a good bit of friends, I was never the kid who felt so pushed away by other people they had to […]

Box Squatting is the Greatest

In efforts to conquer my fear of speaking in front of a camera I decided to make today’s entry a video post.  We all need to work on our weaknesses and mine happens to be public speaking and speaking on camera; it’s like kryptonite to being able to organize my thoughts. Anyway, practice makes perfect so the following video is talking about why I prefer to use the box squat (as opposed to a squat to box) as my preferred method when teaching proper back squat mechanics. I hope the audio is loud enough; just in case the two main reasons I go into as to why I prefer box squatting is safety and posterior chain strength development.  Enjoy…

We All Need A Little Inspiration

It’s the times that you don’t want to train that will show your true desire and will to win… How often do you wake up and just do not want to go to the weight room, batting cage, football field, volleyball court?  What do you do in those situations; do you roll over and go back to bed?  Do you make compromises because you just aren’t feeling it today?  Do you say “alright starting Monday I’ll get back after it?” We have all been in these situations but as I said these are the situations that define us.  I’ve talked a lot about being average in past posts and how I refuse to be it and this is one of […]