Physical Presence Speaks Volumes

Basketball season is upon me once again. As I walked into the Patriot Center last Sunday at 5pm (read that again… SUNDAY at 5PM) for our first team practice, I sighed to myself as I noted this is where I will be spending enormous chunks of my days for the next seven months. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy working with this team and staff… but, it does mean I will often end up working 7 days per week for weeks and weeks at a time. Right about now, it may have dawned on you that I’m not a basketball coach, so what do I do at these practices that result in 7 day workweeks, you may be wondering. […]

Teaching Triple Extension

Want to work on improving everything from linear sprint speed, power, change of direction, force production, vertical jump, and deceleration strength? I know, who doesn’t, right? These qualities should be included in the very definition of athletic success. The triple extension is a huge key aspect to unlocking all of these qualities in concert. It is also the component that is common through virtually all the movements that come to mind when thinking about the ideal strong, fast, and powerful athlete. Some good examples are a wrestler shooting, a sprinter coming off the blocks, throwers at the point of release, the vertical jump in a volleyball attack, etc. What is Triple Extension? Triple extension is the simultaneous extension of three […]

Fall Your Way to Faster Sprint Times: The Falling Start

Who doesn’t want to sprint faster? Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or simply someone who wants to win the next random “tough guy” challenge at a BBQ, the ability to sprint quickly certainly can’t be a negative addition to your toolbox. It’s tough to find a better means of true plyometric training than sprinting, and, on top of that, there are few human movements that simply feel more “freeing” than sprinting. There’s no denying that it’s just plain fun. However, most of us find ourselves in a devilish conundrum here: Sprinting faster – and safely – isn’t just about going out and sprinting. Why, you ask?   Most people simply lack the strength to efficiently decelerate (and […]