SAPT Exercise of the Week: Goblet Squat to Stepback Lunge

Here’s a cool hybrid exercise that will work your lower body and smoke your core as well. Goblet Squat to Stepback Lunge How to do it: Pretty self-explanatory. Grab one or two kettlebells and hold them in the goblet or “racked” position as shown in the video. If you don’t have kettlebells, hold one dumbbell at your chest as shown in the picture below. One squat followed by a stepback lunge with each leg equals one rep. Perform 5-12 reps, depending on your goals. Why I like it: I find this exercise to be useful for a few scenarios: 1) Travel. It’s no surprise to most of you reading that hotels aren’t the best-equipped when it comes to their “fitness […]

5 Quick & Random Training Tips

Note from Stevo: First, a HUGE congratulations to my wife, Kelsey, for becoming SAPT’s latest performance coach. You can read about the new sister website to SAPTstrength, and see Kelsey’s bio via the links. 1. How and when you do your abdominal training in a given week is actually fairly important. For example, if you decide to do standing rollouts 24-48 hours before a heavy deadlift session, chances are your deadlifts are going to suffer greatly, and perhaps even be risky to attempt (it will be much more difficult to stabilize your lumbar spine). This is because rollout variations place incredible eccentric stress on the anterior core, inducing large amounts of soreness and requiring a longer recovery period. The only […]