Rate Of Force Development Part 2: Training and Increasing RFD

Last post, I went over some of the terms and definitions of rate of force development (RFD). I also mentioned motor units (MU) and if, at this point, you have no clue what I’m talking about, go back and read it. It’s right here. Why should you care about increasing your rate of force development? Answer: power sports (which is every sport to some degree) are dependent upon the ability to produce high levels of force at any given moment, like running away from a T-Rex. There are two main ways research and experience backs up to train RFD: explosive strength training (Newton et al. Med. Sciences Sports Exer. 1999) and maximal load training, i.e. picking up heavy stuff. (McBride et al, J. […]

Summer = Off Season = TRAINING!!!

Summer is nearly upon us, spring sports are over (or nearly so), school is winding down, and the sun is waking us all up quite a bit earlier. **DEEEEEP BREATH*** I love summer. Not only is it fantastically warm and I finally sweat profusely during my workouts (contrast that to the winter to where I’m lucky to break a sweat, in my sweat pants…I get cold pretty easily) but it’s the off-season for high school sports. I know some of you play your sport year-round in clubs and stuff (see my thoughts on that HERE), but seriously, the summer is a perfect time to start training and getting stronger for next year’s season. So, it’s time to hit the weight room, […]

Post-Holiday Physique Quick Fixes

I apologize. I have no intention of giving you a “quick fix.” Why? Because they don’t exist.  Yup, the media and fitness “experts” have lied to you. There is no such thing as “10 Minutes to Abz” or ,”Cleanse Food of the month” or any other such nonsense as that. Want to know the secret? 1. Consistency- eating well 90% of the time (you can have treats. But remember they’re once-in-a-while occasions. That’s why they’re “treats.”) and exercising regularly (not just in January). 2. Consistency 3. Consistency Notice a trend here? This month we’re going to be dispelling some of the proliferous myths of the fitness world as well as offer solutions to maintaing a healthy lifestyle, and your sanity, that actually […]