We are grateful for your kind remarks, and feel privileged to have helped you and/or your child meet or exceed your training expectations.    – your SAPT coaches

…Jeremy continues to thrive under your guidance. He really looks up to you and speaks highly of you. I know he wants to continue on and we'll plan to do so until baseball starts..."

- Julie S.

"…All I can tell you is that a number of players that I coach have gone to SAPT and I've noticed two things: 1) They really enjoy the workouts and 2) They are significantly stronger and also have increased flexibility."

- Jeff H.

"I wanted to write you and Sarah to thank you both for the excellent work you put into to helping CJ develop. The attitude and professionalism you both demonstrated coupled with your technical skills regarding physical training had an almost immediate and certainly positive effect on CJ's physical development and mental outlook. Specifically, by concentrating on his core strength he was able to do correct push ups for the first time in his life, this also resulted in improved posture and self confidence which improved CJ's general outlook and self-confidence. CJ especially enjoyed your attitudes and ability to make the workouts both fun and rewarding."

- John M.

"This has been a good experience for him and he has definitely gotten stronger. When wrestling is over he will be there…Brandon said that he had to run the mile in gym and that he ran his best time today and thinks it is because of SAPT."

- Sally S.

"Just wanted you to know how well "our boys" performed at the first game. We won a tough game against Potomac school. Joey and David both had goals - I forget how many :-) Willard scooped up ground balls and played strong defense....It was a tough physical game…they clearly played at a higher level than they have before… I noticed they were able to maintain their stamina and strength. We're looking forward to a strong exciting season of lacrosse."

- Anonymous Parent

"I know Charlie has really enjoyed working with you over the past months and I can see the mental and physical gains that he has made. I have attached this year's schedule and we hope to see you at a match if you get a chance. Thanks for all your help."KegClean

- Charlie H.

"Thank you for all your work with Red. Your training--and friendship--has made a very positive difference in his life. You are a great role model for him as well as a great trainer. He's seeing a big difference in his strength and the way he looks and feels. And he's always in such a great mood after SAPT! He looks forward to continuing his sessions."


- Lisa D.

Sorry I missed you guys on Monday, but I still felt the awesome power of SAPT. Monday after [Kayla] got home she came and found me to tell me about about her squats with the 45 lbs plates. She was excited and you could almost touch the confidence that she was feeling. It seems that only a few short months ago she was not excited about a jump test she took with improvement and now I am hearing about her gains when I am not there. She definitely is feeling better about herself (she loved how she looked in her homecoming dress) and I think we are taking a new attitude into the wrestling room. This is the kind of thing that can not be measured on a graph, chart, or in lbs. but is just as important as any physical improvement. Mindi and I cannot thank you enough for taking the time and using your talents to care about Kayla. This is exactly what we were looking for. Keep up the good work, it is making a difference that will last much longer than her physical strength. You guys are awesome!"PaulB

- Paul B.

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for Anna. Your program allowed her to achieve her short term goals and more. Her endurance has improved significantly. She is pitching twice as many innings effectively as she was prior to starting SAPT. Anna's velocity has also increased from about 49 MPH to 53 MPH. The unintended bonus has been her batting. She has been tearing the cover off the ball. She has gone from being a .280 hitter to batting .400 for the fall. She even hit a home run in the last tournament.

I asked Anna if she wanted to take a break. The answer was no. She wants to continue and she'll be there tomorrow.

All the best,"

- Ed

"Walker pitched his first inning tonight since, oh, about June 1.

The batters had no chance. zip. zero. nada. He was throwing, I believe, mid-80s. 3 batters, no contact. not even a foul tip. My jaw was on my knees.

No pain, good to go, unbelievable.

We owe this in large part to you."

- Dave

"The baseball season was in full swing and I was so addicted to SAPT that I couldn’t stop going. It was like a second home. I enjoyed it so much that I never stopped going during the season, which helped me keep my strength gains from the winter through the whole season. I saw the work that Chris and Steve had me do in the winter translate into results on the field. Doubles turned into homeruns, weak ground balls turned into hard hits and throwing was easier than ever because of the muscle and flexibility I gained. Over all I hit 7 more homeruns than junior year, raised my batting average by .230 points, and dropped off .10 of a second on my throws to second base as a catcher. Aside from all the on the field gains I saw, the most important part of SAPT to me was that I enjoyed going to train and seeing Chris and Steve along with the rest of the SAPT community.

When looking for a place to train, a major factor to consider is whether there is a community that wants to help you succeed, not just a gym to lift weights at.  SAPT has that special feel, which I will miss when I go off to college this year, but again I know I will be the most prepared player on my team going into fall practice."GCBsquat

- Ryan D.

"Team doctors said I had the healthiest shoulder they'd seen all day!"

- Scott Krieger, George Mason University Career Homerun Leader, Milwaukee Brewers

"SAPT was the perfect place to turn when I transitioned from physical therapy to exercising on my own.  The trainers at SAPT understood my injury and tailored my exercise program so that my whole body got stronger as I continued to recover.  The strength training regimen helped me with both physical and mental conditioning.  Instead of just getting back on my feet, I am healthier and stronger."

"My doctor explained that I'd need to continue working out at a gym after finishing physical therapy for ACL replacement surgery.  I wanted to find a personal trainer to keep me progressing through my recovery and SAPT was recommended to me by a physical therapist. It was a perfect fit.  The team of trainers had the right background to prevent injuries and helped me get stronger both mentally and physically.  Working with SAPT I didn't just heal, I rediscovered fitness and am much healthier."

- Leanne