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Personal Training at SAPT

Welcome to Strength & Performance Training, Inc.

SAPT is the premier provider of sports performance enhancement services in the area. Our unique line of individualized training programs, evaluations, and educational support deliver unsurpassed results for youth and scholastic athletes, professional athletes, adults with active lifestyles, as well as military, first responders, tactical personnel, and more.

What sets SAPT apart from the competition?

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At SAPT you’ll have a blast and get strong fast!

• Best in the industry, hands-on coaching by our energetic, professional, certified, collegiate strength coaches

• Individualized state-of-the-art programming adjusted to your situation, goals, strengths and weak areas

• Guidance to perform proper exercise mechanics to maximize results

• Challenging, fun workouts that keep you coming back for more

• Injury prevention strategies and education

• State-of-the-art family-friendly facilities with a community support vibe

• Flexible scheduling and 24/7 access to our online scheduling site to make changes

• Seriously better results, faster than you thought possible

• Accomplish short and long term goals and have a lot of fun doing it

• Top industry experts in the area for Post Rehab Evaluation and Training

• Nutritional guidance to complement your training

• Convenient On-site Team Training

When you want the best, choose proven excellence.

To find out how we can help you reach your performance and fitness goals, contact us today!

Strength & Performance Training, Inc.

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